User contributed assets

There are several repositories for user created content on this site. If there is no appropriate repository for a piece you would like to contribute, it's always possible to attach it as a zip file to a forum post.

If you want an overview of what has happened lately, you can see a list of recent changes, as well as a list of recent comments.

If you know what author produced the asset you are looking for, you can see the assets by author overview. There is also a view with all asset authors sorted by number of assets published


These are dresses, equipment and accessories you can add to your toon inside MakeHuman

Body extensions

Hairstyles, beard, nails, teeth and other things attached to the body, which you can add to your toon inside MakeHuman


These are body modification you can install in MakeHuman and get new sliders for.


These are ready-made models you can open in MakeHuman

Proxies and topologies

These are alternate meshes you can use if the normal body mesh does not fit your needs.


These are skin textures you can assign your toon in MakeHuman


These are various extra optional materials for clothes, skins, proxies etc.


These are armatures/rigs/skeletons you can assign to your toon.


These are poses (sitting, running...) you can tell your toon to adopt inside MakeHuman


These are expressions (smiling, crying...) you can tell your toon to display inside MakeHuman

Fashion renders

These are demonstration renders of how various assets look in blender.

Custom content

These are files with material which does not fit elsewhere, for example blends with node setups or particle systems.