MH vs Python 3

Rob Baer has started working on making the MakeHuman source code python 3.x compatible. Until now, MakeHuman has only been able to run under python 2.7. 

With 1.1.0 successfully through the door, we now have some breathing space to focus on larger projects such as this. It is bound to have lots of unforeseen consequences, which made us hesitate to start it before we had a stable foundation to work from.

As of writing this, the code base (which can be found at manages to get through important parts of the startup process. Most significantly it accepts all the dependencies. Outside of that it still crashes miserably, which is no surprise. It'll be a long and tough process to stomp out all the things that might go bump in the night when you've started a process such as this.

If you have experiences of converting python 2 to python 3, you're hereby cordially invited to engage in the testing :-). If you find something that crashes (which shouldn't be hard), pull requests with fixes are very welcome.